“What If?” – Transition Offense Situations

what if transition offense

This is an extension of the Circle Drill for Transition Offense, and a “What If?” scenario – what if player 1, 2 or 3 gets the rebound? Here is what to do if that happens! If 2 gets the rebound, he outlets to the 1 and 5 is running straight down the middle of the court and 3 is running the left side of the court. The 4 man is going to run the right side of the court, … [Read more...]

Game Planning for Success

Multiple Defenses Defensively I am a multiple defense guy. I am not a stubborn guy, we will scout an opponent and put together a defensive plan that is determined by the opponent’s strengths. I love John Wooden’s philosophy that his teams worry only about themselves in regards to doing what they do and doing it well. I wish I always had the talent to think that way but often … [Read more...]

Teaching the 1-3-1 Zone Defense

I start in the classroom with my players and display on the erase board how we set up the 1-3-1 defense and the numbering of players. I later do this on the court. #1 is the top position, #2 is the baseline position, #’s 3 and 4 are the wing positions and #5 is the center position. I give each player a handout on “Defense is an Attitude”. It includes the following: 1. We … [Read more...]

Winning the Battle on the Boards

I feel the most important statistic in determining who wins a basketball game is rebound margin, i.e. the percent of total number of rebounds in the game. Obviously rebounding is influenced by forcing our opponents to take difficult shots while getting good shots ourselves and leading in turnover margin. However, over the years if we have gotten 58% of the rebounds in a … [Read more...]

“4 Up Play from the 1-4 High Set” Offensive Play

4 up offense play

This offensive play runs out of a 1-4 high set, with the point guard up top, the 4 and 5 at the top of the key and the 2 and 3 at the foul line extended. The play starts with the 5 sliding up to set a ball screen for the 1. As this is happening, the 2 and 3 cut down towards the block and stay there for a moment. When the 1 reaches the wing, the 2 will slide up the … [Read more...]