Just a quick note today…

First off – thanks again for all
the email.

Sorry if I wasn’t able to answer
all of your [tag]basketball[/tag] questions and requests…

but there were just TOO many! (I
there were 694 that came in yesterday)

Here’s the link to today’s video:


It’s the second part of the 1-4 [tag]basketball offense[/tag]
mini-clinic that I created
using this cool new software…

Remember: to run an effective 1-4,
your post players and [tag]point guard[/tag]
will need to learn the ins and outs
of the high [tag]screen and roll[/tag].

I show you how here:


Stay tuned,
Coach Pat

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PPS- The new basketball software comes out

on Wednesday- and all I can say is it blows

EVERYTHING else out of the water.  I’ve never had

so much fun.  On Wednesday, you can get the software at

this website: