Each player has a distinct responsibility when running the fast break. Focus on the following coaching points while running your transition drills in practice.

#1 (Point Guard)

  • -The “1” player is someone who can make good decisions quickly.
  • This is a skill that takes a while to develop.
  • The “1” player also needs to be able to handle the ball with their eyes up and have good passing skills

#2 & #3:(Shooting Guard and Small Forward)

  • These 2 players are a package. They basically have the same job, but the “2” player is on the right side of the court and the “3” player is on the left side of the court.
  • -These 2 players run the exact same cuts every single time.
  • These players need to be sprinters, because they have to get out ahead of the pack.
  • They need to be able to catch on the run, as well as be able to put the ball down and finish.
  • It’s also helpful if your “2”s and “3”s are shooters, because it makes the defense have to come out the perimeter to check them.

#4 & #5: (Power Forward and Center)

  • The “5” player is a little bit different than the “4”, as the “5” has in-bounding responsibilities, meaning anytime the ball gets to the basket, it is his responsibility to get the ball in as quickly as he can. The “5” player requires some decision making as far as who is open or covered, and how to respond.
  • The “4” player is usually the faster/quicker of the two down the floor. But if it is a missed shot, and they are both running the middle third of the floor trying to get down to their post spots, the rule says that the first person to cross the half line can take the side that he chooses, and the other player takes the opposite.
  • The “4”s and “5”s also have rebounding responsibilities, because they are usually in closer to the basket.

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