To run a smooth offense, every player (from 1 to 5) has to be a proficient dribbler and passer. And that requires some serious practice time spent on ball handling!“ “  In this blog post, I am sharing 5 great drills you can use to improve your individual ballhandling!

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Figure 8 Ballhandling Drill

  1. This drill uses 1 ball
  2. With only the right hand, dribble the ball through the legs in a figure 8 pattern
  3. Continue for 10-15 seconds
  4. Switch to the left hand and repeat

Triangle Drill

  1. This is a rapid fire drill
  2. Roll the ball on the court between the feet in a triangle pattern
  3. Touch one in front & two in back
  4. Pick up the ball and dribble in a triangle pattern
  5. Dribble one in front & two behind


  1. Begin with player standing and dribbling the ball on the ground, touching two in front and two in back alternating hands
  2. The player then lays on their back and keeps the ball going as they dribble the ball under the right and then left leg
  3. The player then stands up as he continues to dribble between the legs


  1. This is a 2-in-1 drill
  2. With players standing, they will alternate one leg back and then the other as they pass the ball between the legs with no bounce

Rhythm & Blues

  1. Player will stand with legs apart
  2. He will pass the ball between his legs in a figure 8 with no bounce
  3. At the end of the figure 8, he will bounce the ball one time
  4. He will then bring the ball around one leg 3 times and then a bounce
  5. Repeat the figure 8 and bounce again, and follow up with bringing the ball around the other leg 3 times and then a bounce


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