basketball drills for kids

basketball drills for kids

Looking for fun basketball drills for kids? Give these a try?

The goal of a kids basketball program is to both teach the fundamentals of the game and also instill a love and commitment to the sport. When practice is fun, kids forget that they are working hard and learning new things; they feel like they are just playing with their friends and can’t wait to return for the next time.

Players and coaches alike tend to associate the word “drill” with a boring and repetitious lesson. The following games teach beginners basic basketball skills in a fun, silly way, so kids can see how enjoyable the sport really is!

Because all of these games are unusual (and for some, a bit on the wild side), coaches and players need to be extra careful to keep things safe. Coaches should always inspect equipment and facilities before starting practice.
Players should know to respect their teammates and understand what behavior is and is not appropriate during practice.

Coaches should try to have at least one or two assistant coaches, parents, or other helpers present during practice. An adult to child ratio of 3:1 is ideal.

Below you’ll find our favorite basketball drills for kids. Each one is modeled after an already-popular kids game, then tweaked a bit to help develop a fundamental basketball skill.

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Fun Basketball Drills for Kids

Need help teaching the fundamentals of the game? Try our beginner basketball drills for some inspiration.

Or, if you're looking for a specific skill set, check out our sections on dribbling, shooting, rebounding, defense and passing.