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No matter how great your defense is, or how hard your kids play, if you can’t put the ball in the hole, you’ll have a tough time winning any games! Below are a selection of my favorite basketball shooting drills, including drills for perimeter players, drills for post players, and basic fundamentals for kids. Enjoy!

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Most Recent Basketball Shooting Drills

Quick Hitter

Quick Hitter, designed to open up a three-point shot opportunity for your best shooter, players engage in a series of strategic movements.

V-Cut Shooting

V-Cut Shooting, a dynamic basketball drill designed to enhance players’ ability to move the ball swiftly and efficiently downcourt.

Screen and Pop

Screen and Pop, learn to set effective screens, use precise timing, and improve communication on the court.

Screen the Passer Shooting

Screen the Passer Shooting drill, a dynamic exercise designed to enhance off-ball movement and shooting skills in basketball.

Gotcha Drill

Introducing the ‘Gotcha Drill’, a dynamic basketball shooting exercise aimed at enhancing players’ accuracy under competitive pressure.

Elbow Layups

This is a good intermediate shooting and layup drill.

Up and Under (Baseline)

This drill will allow players to experiment with different finished – jump hooks, power layups and finger rolls to name a few.

Continuous Layups

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