I won’t take credit for this [tag]basketball offense[/tag] drill; I got it from one of the great ones. This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is good for warming up those legs early in practice. It is called the Outlet Drill.

It also re-enforces in offensive players the two basic movements: 1. Faking to the ball and cutting to the basket, or 2. Faking to the basket and coming to the ball.

The drill requires 4 players.
Player one (P1) starts facing the basket.
Player two (P2) at the time line nearest player one.
Player three (P3) at the time line diagonal from player two across half court.  Player four P4) at the time line directly across from player three.

P1 starts the drill by throwing the [tag]basketball[/tag] off the backboard and jumping to the highest point possible,(simulating an aggressive rebound), to retrieve it. P2 fakes to his basket and comes to the ball yelling “outlet”. After receiving the ball from P1, P2 takes a couple of hard dribbles toward P3 Who simultaneously is faking to the basket and coming to the ball yelling “middle”. P3 receives the pass from P2 as P4 is faking to the ball and cutting to the basket. P3 takes one or two hard dribbles toward the basket and passes the ball to P4 in stride who lays the ball off the glass and in the basket without dribbling it. P4 then touches the baseline and takes off toward the far basket as P3 retrieves the ball from the basket steps out of bounds and launches a baseball pass to P4 who catches it, jump stops, and proceeds to the basket for anothers layup.

Each players then moves to the next line in rotation and the drill is repeated.