Here are two [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag] we do about everyday.  The first drill is to get communication and work on outlets, getting back and seeing the floor.  The second drill works on dribbling and ball handling.

Start with a white shooting a free throw with two black rebounding, the black then go 2 on 1, then we add two whites coming back to make it 3 on 2 and then two black to go 4 on 3 and then two whites to go 5 on 4 and then add the last white to go 5 on 5 both directions.

It is a great drill for high school [tag]girls basketball[/tag].

This next drill I do with my younger team, 3rd and 4th graders. Give each one a [tag]basketball[/tag] and let them play tag. They must stay on the court and keep dribbling.

They learn to stop, cut and dribble without looking down at the ball about half-way through the drill we switch to weak hand. It’s a real simple drill but the kids really enjoy it.

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