These [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag] keep all your players busy.  They are fast-paced and effective.

Shooting drill:“  Use three players at each basket.
1. Shooter
2. Passes
3. Rebounder

Shooter runs to each location.
Passer works on bounce/chest passes.
Rebounder works on pivots/chinning the [tag]basketball[/tag].

We use seven shooting locations.
You can start on either side.

Right hand Lay-up
Right side bank shot
Right Elbow
Top of the Key
Left Elbow
Left Bank shot
Left hand Lay-up

Reverse this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] back to starting location using the same shooting locations.  Second time through drill, we move just inside the three point line.  Third time through drill, we move behind the three point line.

You’ll be amazed at the improvements in your team’s shooting skills!