A quick stop is the technique of hopping from one foot, and landing on 2 feet in triple threat position . In today’s basketball video blog post, we are breaking down a quick and easy way to teach the quick stop to your players!

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Basketball Video Tutorial: How To Teach The Quick Stop

If you have your players in a group and they are facing you, to teach them the quick stop you can tell them that the floor is their friend.

Breaking Down The Quick Stop

Step and Hop from one foot.

land on two feet in the triple threat position on your whole foot, staying close to the floor.

Your feet should look and feel like an eagle claw position. Your toes are curled slightly, heels are down, and you get your balance from your whole foot.

It’s NOT a jump stop, it’s a quick stop.

Land soft, but stick to the floor on the landing.


Coaching Tip!

After your players have imitated your demonstration, your job as a coach is to watch them as they play through the skills, and make corrections to them on the go. You want to focus on correcting errors so that they can improve, but also recognize that criticism or correcting of errors is a compliment to a player. It’s a compliment because it means the coach is watching them and trying to help them improve.


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