When faced with the zone, there are a couple of things that are key to having any success. You’re going to need to hit open shots, move the ball quickly, and make sure your big men are involved – whether that’s getting a post touch or crashing the offensive glass.

Whether it’s a 3-2, 2-3, or 1-3-1 doesn’t really make a difference, players will just need to make small adjustments to find the holes in each of the different zones.

Zone Offense Plays

Zone O

My favorite zone offense is the overload. The reason for this is that even if your team doesn’t do a great job of shooting the 3 ball, there are plenty of opportunities to make basket cuts or spot up for 15 footers.

With your point guard up top, have the power forward come up next to him on the weak side. Your 3-man will be on the weak side wing, and your center on the weak side block. Your shooting guard will be on the strong side block.

To initiate the play, the power forward will step up, and set a ball screen for the point guard. The 4-man will roll, but chances are that pass won’t be available, and the point guard will swing the ball to the wing and space out up top.

As this is happening, the 2 guard is going to set up his man, and use the flex screen being set by the center on the other block. To give him some more room to operate, the small forward is going to bring the ball up a little bit higher.

The center should turn and seal as soon as they set the pick, and look to get into the high low game with the power forward off the entry, who will be spotted up around the free throw line in the high post.

With the overload of offensive players in that small area, the defense is going to have to leave someone open, and everytime you make another quick pass in that area they have to shift over to the ball. With a couple well-placed passes, you’ll get an easy shot every possession down the floor.


And if your big men are having trouble making concise decisions out of the high post, try these post offense drills that will do a great job of teaching them their all their options.