We have tried a couple of variations on these [tag]best drills to teach fast break basketball[/tag]. The one below is my favorite; it is a 3 on 2 or 2 on 1 [tag]basketball drill[/tag].

Two lines at half court on opposite sidelines, one girl in back court,in rebounding position to start this [tag]basketball[/tag] drill. At the opposite end, two defenders in paint; one at foul line, one about two feet in front of basket.

  • Rebounder makes outlet pass to first girl in either line.
  • Outlet receiver (call her #1) jumps to basketball, catches, and dribbles up court to top of key on fast break.
  • Rebounder (#2), who made outlet pass, follows pass and fills lane on that side for fast break.
  • Other wing (girl who did not receive outlet-call her #3) fills other lane for three on two fast break.
  • 1 attacks at top of key against the two defenders.
  • As the top defender commits to ball handler, she passes to either wing and follows to ball side elbow.
  • Wing catches, gets in triple threat position immediately, and shoots or passes.
  • Play continues until basket or defense gains possession.
  • Once defense gets rebound or turnover, they take off in two on one to the other end of court.
  • The last girl to touch the ball on offense (shooter, or girl who turned it over) sprints back to spot, two feet from basket at other end.
  • She is the defender on the two on one fast break.

Some people start with three players in back court for the three on two fast break. I think moving the lines out to half court adds an element of making the good outlet pass to the drill.

Second, some [tag]basketball coach[/tag]es designate the point guard as the girl who gets back each time on the two on one.

I think varying the drill forces them to think. Also, when the last girl to touch it has to sprint back, they get out of the habit of sulking after a turnover.  Finally when you have just 5 to seven players, as my team does, this is a great conditioning drill while at the same time being alot of fun.