Transition threes. They can be a coach’s best friend, or worst enemy. When taken properly, it can be a very high percentage shot, and can even generate a chance for an easy offensive rebound. But, get too carried away, and both your offense and defense will suffer.

One of the best ways to get good shots in transition is to have some ‘early offense’ sets – A play that will maybe get you a chance at a quick easy look, and will have your team in position to get into their real offense if not. A play I call ‘Quick 2’ is a perfect example of this.

Quick 2

Coming down in transition your shooting guard(2) and small forward(3) should be on the right and left wings, respectively, and your center(5) should be trying to post directly underneath the rim. Your point guard(1) is bringing the ball up on the right, and your power forward(4) trailing him to the left.

Youth Basketball Plays
Play: Quick 2

Once your power forward reaches the three point line, have your point guard swing it to him and leave to set your shooting guard a screen. Your 4-man should then swing it to the small forward, and set a screen a couple feet behind your point guard along the same plane – this is called a staggered screen.

As the pass is made to your small forward, your center should flash to him and try to seal down low. If there isn’t a layup available there, he will hit your shooting guard as he comes off the power forward’s screen at the top of the key.

Coaching Keys

  • Emphasize the importance of a tight curl off the screens – they should be bumping shoulders
  • Your power forward should roll to the basket after his screen looking for either the pass or a putback on the shot
  • Don’t just look off the center – if you make that pass a couple times the defense will start to collapse, giving you an even easier look at the three
  • With youth, make sure to plan screening drills into your practice before you show them the play – fundamentals first

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