Here are“  a couple of real [tag]simple basketball drills[/tag] we do with our younger players (8 & 9 year olds).  They will be a great help to any coach while [tag]coaching youth basketball[/tag].

One problem we have with them is our point guards (and others) pass the [tag]basketball[/tag] and then just stand there.  So the first drill helps them to move after passing (the old give and go).

Anyway two lines one at the top of the key, one on the wing (usually to the right, but can mix it up to practice from the left side.  Point guard has the ball at the top of the key, pass to the wing, move down the lane, receive a pass for a quick lay-up.

Second problem is the girls get a pass and then take too long to make a decision to shoot or pass.

For this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] we set up the same way as before, but with one defender on the point guard up top.  The wing goes a little lower toward the baseline and moves in/out.  Point guard passes to the wing.  The wing must decide quickly to pass or shoot.  If the defender follows the ball, then pass to the point guard for and easy lay-up (on the give and go).

If the defender stays, with the point guard then the wing is to take the open jump shot.