Play Type:“ “  Offense


Your player is going to give you a good pass, take two hard steps down, get open, and catch and sweep. Catch and sweep and going to the rim, as soon as he goes, and then the next player will go right behind him.

Set Up:



  1. The coach makes the pass and the player will take two hard steps down, set up, and get around him.
  2. Focus on catch and go, and catch and sweep.
  3. When you come down – and depending on how the coach plays you – put the ball out in front of you as quickly as you can.  You don’t want to put it on your side.
  4. When you catch the ball on a sweep, you’re going to catch it and sweep the ball hard.
  5. Start in the corner and work all the way around.

basketball offense triangle

Coaching Tips:

When we’re coaching the little things in this, we want to make sure the ball’s not behind us, make sure it’s not on our right angle with our shoe, and that we push the ball out. We want to exaggerate it in these workouts.

Remind your players to push the ball out and get to the basket in one or two dribbles. And they should keep going from side to side.

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