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In today’s blog post, I am sharing more fun basketball drills for kids!“  These fun basketball drills are based on traditional children’s games like “Red Light, Green Light” and “Simon Says”, and will get your kids excited about practice, and keep them motivated and wanting to learn more basketball skills!

2 Awesomely Fun Basketball Drills for Kids!

Red Light/ Green Light

This wacky basketball game builds on the traditional children’s game, only players dribble the ball while running. The game starts with the players lined up on one side of the court, each with a ball.

The coach stands in the middle of the court and calls out signals for the players:

  • When the coach yells “green light,” the players dribble forward.
  • When he yells “red light,” the players stop.
  • At “yellow light,” the players dribble to the left.
  • At “blue light,” they dribble to the right.
  • At “orange light, they dribble backwards.

Players who do not correctly follow the commands are out of the game. The first player to the other side of the gym wins.

red light green light basketball drills

“ Coaches can make this game as simple or as complicated as they want by adjusting the number of colors. Beginning players should probably start with just red light and green light.

Simon Says Dribble

This is another silly basketball game that uses a playground game that the children are already familiar with. Players practice their dribbling moves by following the instructions of the coach or leader.

For Simon Says Dribble, players will each take a ball and spread throughout the gym. They need to be able to see the coach or leader positioned at the front of the gym. The leader will call or act out directions for the players to follow.

If he says “Simon says” before hand, the players will perform the action. If he does not, the players should not do the action.

simon says basketball drills

“ The leader should use such tasks as dribbling through the legs or behind the back, dribbling side to side, or dribbling while kneeling or lying down.

Coaches should watch to make sure the players are using good dribbling technique. Players need to take turns being the leader.

You can also run this same drill with a defensive twist. Have “Simon” call out different defensive actions, like “block the shot,” “slide left,” or “dive for the loose ball.”


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