One of the most important things you need to do as a coach is establish each and every player’s role and responsibility when he or she are on the floor. Teaching your players to play within themselves is your first step towards playing smart, efficient basketball.

Shooting Basketball
Spot Ups

One of the tougher things to distinguish at times is who should and shouldn’t be shooting threes – because 90% of players believe they can, and usually around half actually can. On our team, we turned this from a debate, to a test. We invented the 3-Point License.

A player takes 50 shots, all replicating game situations, and they must hit 35 of those shots. A player must prove consistency as well as“ ability, and only gain their license once they have completed this task 5 times.

3 Point Shooting
Off Footwork

The shots are broken down into five sets of 10, breaking down as follows:

The first set is done off spot ups, as if coming from a ball reversal along the arc.

The second set is done off footwork – simulating shooting off of a v-cut or a down screen.

3 Point SHooting
Transition No Dribble

The third set is a transition shot, running out wide, then cutting, squaring your shoulders on the catch and drilling the shot from behind“ the arc.

The fourth is the same as the third, but with one dribble before the shot.

The fifth set are trailer shots from the top of the key, bringing up the rear of the break.

You’ll want to have one passer, one rebounder and two balls to keep the drill moving at a good pace.

3 Point Shooting Dribble
Transition One Dribble

Coaching Tips

– Do not just start off with this test – warm your players up with some form shooting close to the basket from all five angles


– Make sure your players are low with their palms up ready to catch and shoot quickly – you’re“ trying to simulate a game situation and“ lackadaisical attempts will be easily contested

– When cutting in on transition, plant off the outside foot, and dribble with the outside hand

Now that all your players know who has the green light, and who should concentrate on their game inside the 3-point line, make sure to check this video on shooting technique that can be helpful to all ages.