While inbounds plays can seem inconsequential at times in the grand scheme of things, there’s no denying the fact that a well executed a inbounds play will more often than not produce a high quality shot.

And if you have 10 inbounds opportunities a game, in a tightly matched contest, that could mean an additional 10+ points and the difference between a tough loss and a great win.

That’s why it’s a good idea to set aside a chunk of time each practice to working on inbounds plays. This is especially true because often times players will need to know multiple plays from multiple positions, often resulting in miscues that could cost your team over the course of a game and ultimately, your season.

Here’s a sample play from the Inbounds Plays playbook:

“Pop” Baseline Inbounds Play

The point guard will inbound, with both bigs on the strong side and our wings on the weak side. The first action once the play has started is the two coming across the key to set a back screen for the power forward. The center will drift out to the short corner and the small forward out to the top of the arc, where he will remain as safety.

popinboundsplay1Our first option of course is the power forward coming off the back screen to the weak side block, but if that isn’t there, our center will next come and set a back screen of his own on for the two guard. The two guard will cut off the pick out to the corner, looking to spot up for the three point shot – this is our second option.

popinboundsplay2And our third and final option will be our center slipping to the hoop after setting the screen, looking to catch the defense over pursuing out to the three point line.

basketball inbounds play

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