This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] will help teach your players to run the lanes wide and time their cuts to receive the basketball [tag]in transition[/tag]. 

-“ Player 1 starts with the ball on the right baseline
-“ Player 2 stands in the outlet area (on the three point line at a 45 degree angle from the basket)

-“ Player 1 outlets the ball to Player 2
-“ Player 2 dribbles the ball up the court, coming to a jump stop at the opposite foul line
-“ Meanwhile, Player 1 sprints full speed, cutting widely around Player 1 so he reaches the basket just as Player 2 reaches the foul line
-“ Player 2 makes a bounce pass to Player 1, who converts the layup (or short bank shot)
-“ Player 2 grabs Player 1’s rebound, and outlets the ball to Player 1
-“ The drill is repeated in coming back the other way

Points of Emphasis
-“ Speed dribble up the court, pushing the ball ahead and sprinting full speed
-“ Call out “Ball!” and “Outlet!” to start the drill
-“ Convert all layups
-“ Time the bounce pass so the receiving player catches it at full speed