While we had a chance recently to check out the art of passing into the post, it is just as important for our point guard to be able to get

Point Guard Drills

the ball to the wing. Your point guards ability to get your other players the ball in places where they are comfortable and have an opportunity to score is absolutely vital if you want to have an offense that runs smoothly. The first player that comes into my mind when I think of great passing and decision making for a smoothly run offense, I think of Steve Nash.

And while there are an infinite number of scenarios that can play out on the court, I find that there are three basic passes that are absolutely essential for any good point guards arsenal. Here’s a great drill that will put your point guard in various different situations, forcing them to read the court and make the correct decision and pass.

Point Guard Passing

To set up the drill, have your point guard start at halfcourt with the ball in their hands. You’ll have a wing player setup at the foul line extended, and another offensive player on the opposite block, with the sole defensive player in stance at the top of the key. Based on how the defender reacts to the point guard and surrounding players, the point guard will have to make the correct read and get the ball to the open player.

Guard Drills
Weak Side

Vacuum Pass

If you’ve got a great three point shooter, or a slasher who works well catching the ball on the move, you’re going to want to make sure your point guard learns this move ASAP.

Here your point guard is going to come strong with an attack dribble on the same side as the wing, looking to get a foot in the key. As they drive into the paint, the wing player is going to fill in the open space behind the point guard, like a vacuum, with their hands ready to catch the ball.

The point guard will come to a jump stop, pivot, and make the pass back out to the wing player as they step into the pass – from there they can do whatever they feel most comfortable doing, whether that’s a three point shot or taking it strong to the rim. If the point guard is only a couple feet away from the wing player, they might feel more comfortable making a shovel pass – this is your“ prerogative as a coach whether your okay with it.


Basketball Drills
Weak Side

Here your point guard is going to dribble up to the top of the key, and the wing player is going to fake like they’re coming in for the vacuum again. However here, they will take one or two steps toward the PG, and then cut hard to the hoop when the defender bites. Your point guard should make a strong bounce pass, leading the wing player to the basket so that they can go straight into their steps without a necessary dribble.

Weak Side

This situation simulates the weak side help defender coming across the key to jam up the backdoor pass.

If the defender does a good job of stepping up for the vacuum, and manages to stay connected to the wing player on the backdoor, the point guard should look at their weak side option, the big man on the block. Either a hard bounce pass or a lob up over the top will be necessary – this isn’t an easy pass, but the benefit is that this will almost always result in an easy layup for the big man.


Hope you enjoyed the article! If your looking for a couple more drills to help out your point guard play, make sure to check out these point guard drills!