In today’s video blog post, we are going to be talking about an awesome topic – Shooting Layups!“  In “Shooting Layups – The Basics: Part 1”, we are breaking down the fundamentals of layup shooting, and demonstrating a great no ball drill you can incorporate into your practice plan, so your young players can get comfortable with making those layup shots!

Shooting Layups – The Basics: Part 1

When you are shooting a layup, always remember that it, if it is a pass, is a two-handed catch and if it’s a dribble, it’s a two-handed pick-up. So you always pick the ball up with two hands, and chin the ball (get the ball) on your outside shoulder. Jump off of the opposite foot, so the same arm and leg will go up in the jump.

Remember to start with your hand behind the ball, elbow under the ball and a complete follow through. Be sure to use the backboard on almost every layup (unless you can dunk it!)

Shooting Layups Drill – Running Without The Ball

– Beginning with a right hand layup shot, start in triple threat and take a few steps with chin to the (imaginary) ball. Jump off the opposite foot (the left foot) and extend for maximum height, with the shooting arm strong.

– Be sure to hold the follow through. Follow through means shoot for the stars and make a parachute with your hand. So shoot high and make a parachute with your hand – not too tight and not too soft, but firm. Remember, a parachute floats!

– Come back down the court, working the left hand layup shot with the same steps, beginning with a crossover drive and hopping off the right foot.

– Perform a minimum of 3 right handed layups and 3 left handed layups

Got it? Now check out part 2 of this series for more tips on shooting layups!

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