When you are playing offense, you are trying to stay away from your teammate unless you are screening for them or cutting in to the basket. The spacing on offense that you want to see is about 15-18 feet apart. The purpose of this drill is to build an awareness of spacing in your players.

  • Place players in 2 lines on both sides of the free throw lane. The free throw lane is four steps or 12 feet so you want to be sure that you are slightly wider than the free throw lane.
  • Players begin in a quick stance position/triple threat, and on the coaches “Go” command, the player steps with his right foot and jogs to half court.
  • When the first player gets out to 19 feet, the second player begins the same motion.

Again, this is a simple for young players that will allow them to get a better feeling for the size of the court, and their relation to the court and spacing with their fellow teammates.

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