There are thousands of super-smart coaches in our community with tons of great drills to share.  And last night, at 3:31 am… a light bulb went on in my head… and I came up with a little idea for a “contest.”

I’m inviting you to submit your #1 offensive drill… the activity that really gets your kids going in practice and produces the biggest results in the shortest amount of time. Just scroll down to the “Facebook comments” box or “Leave a Reply” box and enter your“  drill.

I’ll select one winner and give that person a $100 gift certificate toward my coaching catalog at That means you can pick any book or online video clinic valued at $100 or less and I’ll give it to you for FREE!

When you submit the drill, make sure you enter your email into the “email” field… so I can contact you if you win.

Got it? Good.

Let me get things started with one of my favorite drills to give you a little inspiration.

It’s called the 1 on 1 cone drill. Here’s how it works…


Place one cone at the left elbow and one cone at the right elbow. Place a line of players on the baseline, just below the right block facing up toward the cone on the right elbow. And one line of layers on the baseline, lined up facing the cone on the left elbow. The player at the front of each line has a ball. We’ll call the player on the left baseline “Player 1” and the player on the right baseline “Player 2”


To start, Player 1 dribbles with his right hand from the baseline to the outside of the cone. Once he is past the cone, he jump stops and pivots on his left foot to square up to the basket.

At this point, he makes a jab step move, pulls back and shoots a jump shot, then sprints in to grab his own rebound. As he is rebounding the ball, Player 2 begins to dribble towards his cone with his left hand.  When Player 2 passes the cone, he jump stops, pivots on his right foot, make s a jab-step move, then shoots his jumper. Player 2 grabs his rebound. The next player in the opposite line begins dribbling to the basket at this time to execute the same move.

The drill continues until everyone has completed the jab-step and jump shot move once. Next, the drill is repeated and a different offensive move is introduced.

I typically like to take my kids through 5 moves:

  1. Jab step and jump shot
  2. Jump shot fake, one dribble to the baseline and pull up for a bank shot
  3. Jump shot fake, one dribble to the middle and pull up from the dotted line
  4. Jump shot fake, one dribble to the baseline for a layup on the strong side
  5. Jump shot fake, one dribble to the middle for a layup on the reverse side

Coaching Tips

The cones should simulate defenders. Teach your kids to go “by” the defender instead of “around” them. In other words, imagine yourself brushing past the defender and taking the shortest route to the basket, rather than banana-cutting around him and avoiding any contact.


You can also use chairs, stools, garbage cans, or any similar object instead of cones to simulate the defenders.

Okay… now it’s your turn!

Oh… one last thing, you can help share your drill by clicking on the “Tweet this” button, hitting the “Like” button (for Facebook users), or using the social bookmarking tools like Digg and Delicious below.  Thanks!


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