Figure 8 Basketball Dribbling Drill

Figure 8 Drill

Purpose This intermediate ballhandling drill is one of the most popular dribbling drills taught to youth basketball players. How it Works Start dribbling low down by your left ankle. Dribble the ball

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Gravel Drill

Purpose This is a great warm-up drill that also develops the in/out dribble move. Drill Setup Take your stand ready to start dribbling with your right hand. How it Works Dribble the ball

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Up and Back Drill

Purpose This is a great drill for practicing to maintain space between your feet while dribbling the ball. How it Works Start in an athletic position, turned sideways with your left forward,

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Hesitation, Go and Pull Up

Purpose Players work on starting from and pulling up from a variety of spots on the floor in this intermediate dribbling moves drill. How it Works Begin behind the arc, taking a

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maravich series basketball dribbling series

Maravich Series

Purpose This drill emphasizes ball handling and dribbling using the figure 8, front flip and spider dribble. How it Works Each player will start with a basketball, which they will start by slapping

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Purpose This is a great drill that focuses on building dribbling stamina and agility. How it Works Players form 3 lines at free throw line extended, coach places 3 corresponding cones at

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Two Ball Around The Leg Basketball Dribbling Drill

Two Ball Around The Leg

Purpose Although it looks like a simple trick, dribbling between your legs can help you keep the ball out of a defender’s grasp. How it Works Start off a couple feet behind

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Crossover Go and Pull Up Basketball Dribbling Drill

Crossover, Go and Pull Up

Purpose This is a great intermediate dribbling drill that focuses on the crossover and rebounding with explosion. How it Works Start off a couple feet behind the arc, and take a dribble

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Spin and Go Basketball Dribbling Drill

Spin and Go

Purpose This is a great dribbling drill that works on dribbling while spinning the body, and finishing with both hands. How it Works Start out with the left wing, and take a

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Head To Toes Basketball Dribbling Drill

Head To Toes

Purpose This drill will train players to maintain a controlled power dribble at all heights. How it Works Standing feet shoulder width apart, begin by dribbling 5 times, low and compact with

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In/Out with Crossover Drill

Purpose This drill will teach players to maintain a good, balanced body position while dribbling, with the feet shoulder-width apart. How it Works Starting with your right hand, dribble the ball toward

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Pendulum Basketball Dribbling Drill

Pendulum Drill

Purpose This is a very advanced dribbling drill that will take some time to master! How it Works Start in a good dribbling position with knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Hold

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Through The Legs and Go

Through The Legs & Go

Purpose Players learn to dribble through the legs and go to the basket for the shot. How it Works Starting a couple feet behind the arc, take a dribble forward with your

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Whip Drill

Purpose Players learn to switch hands and whip the ball around the legs while dribbling. How it Works Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Using your right hand only, whip the ball

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Quick Draw

Purpose This is a great ballhandling drill that focuses on making sure your players are releasing the ball and not loting it upwards to get more time. How it Works Start holding

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