Close Out Shooting Drill

Purpose Players work on shooting while under defensive pressure. Drill Setup Split your team into groups of four. One shooter stands at the free throw line. Three defenders stand under the basket.

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Wave Drill

Purpose This drill focuses on mid-range shooting, passing, and shooting under pressure. How it Works Players form two lines at the free throw line & baseline, with the first player in each

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Beat the Pro Basketball Shooting Drill

Beat the Pro Drill

Purpose This shooting drill focuses on performing under pressure.  The goal is for the player to beat an imaginary opponent. How it Works Player will start on the court with a basketball.

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Shot Builder Basketball Shooting Drill

Shot Builder

Purpose This is a great drill that focuses on form shooting. How it Works Have players break off into groups of 3-4, and go stand directly in front of a hoop. With

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Purpose This drill focuses on coming to a stop under control, and staying balanced through the jump shot. How it Works Starting on the right wing, take one dribble towards the hoop.

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One Hand Form Shooting Drill

Purpose Players work on shooting form. Drill Setup Players pair up and line up across from each other on different sides of the lane. One player of each pair has a basketball. How

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Closeout & Shoot Drill

Purpose Getting players comfortable shooting under pressure Drill Setup Split team into groups of 4 Shooter spots up at free throw line 3 defenders line up on baseline, 1st player has a

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Competitive Shooting Drill

Purpose Working on shooting in a competitive enivronment Drill Setup Split team into two groups Form a line at each elbow First player in each line has a ball How it Works On

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Online Basketball Drills

4 Minute Layup Drill

Okay, this is one of my all-time favorite drills for passing, finishing, communication and conditioning. Setup Set up four passers, with one at each elbow on both sides of the court.

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