A V Cut is a move that you use to get open. Many coaches call it a “Fake and Break” or an “Offensive Zig Zag”. In today’s video blog post, we are breaking down this awesome footwork drill for quick feet!

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The V Cut Footwork Drill for Quick Feet

If your opponent is on defense, and you are trying to get open on offense, you will move slowly into him towards the basket, and then fake toward the basket and quick out away from the basket.

Breaking Down the Footwork Drill:

  • Start in triple threat
  • Direct drive to your right until you get out a few steps
  • Put your weight on your outside foot
  • And then Plant and Step
  • Continue to take a few steps and then plant and step in a v cut or zip zag pattern
  • Be sure you are going slow into the turn, and quick out of the turn


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