If your best consistent scoring option is a wing player, who likes to create his shot off the dribble, it’s easy to have your basketball offense become

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1 Guard Front Guard Cut

stagnant, with one player dribbling at the top of the key while four other guys watch. It’s important to use screens, multiple passes, and off-ball movement to free up your best scorers, so that they can attack a moving defense, ideally with a defender in a full speed closeout with passing options spread across the floor.

1 Guard Front Guard Cut

To start, have your offense setup in a basic 3-2 formation, with the player your running the play for up at the top of the key, in the point guard’s position.

The point guard is going to pass the ball to the small forward, on the left wing. “ As soon as the ball’s in the air, the center, also on the left side of the court, is going to set a backscreen for the point guard at the left elbow. The point guard is going to use this screen, cutting to the basket and looking for the early backdoor pass.

If that isn’t there, the shooting guard, on the right wing, is going to fill in at the top of the key, receiving a pass back from the small forward. Now the point guard will misdirect his defender, faking like he is going to continue underneath the basket and head over to the right side of the court – but he’s really just setting up his defender for the double screen the center and small forward are setting over on the left wing.

Having tons of plays isn’t important. What’s important for your team, is that they fully understand each play you guys run, and know each and every wrinkle available to them. For another great basketball play, click on the hotlink!