If you’d like to improve your basketball defense, force more turnovers, take your opponent out of their offensive rhythm and limit their opportunities for high percentage shots, then you’ll enjoy this article.

basketball defenseThese 8 critical rules are based on 2-time NBA coach of the year Hubie Brown’s defensive philosophy. They apply to teams of all levels, from youth basketball, to high school, to college and even the pros.

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1. Keep The Ball Out of the Middle

When guarding a dangerous offensive player, you’re either going to trap or you’re going to force the dribbler high — but you cannot allow him to turn the corner. If you’re going to force him, force him baseline — do not allow him to get into the lane. Letting a dribbler into the lane opens up the floor and allows that dribbler too many passing and shooting options.

Train your players to steer dribblers to the baseline, where the out of bounds line acts as an extra defender, and it’s more difficult to make shots from behind the backboard.

2. Exploit Weak Ballhandlers

You cannot allow a big man to take the ball uncontested from half court. You must cut him off at the circle. He is most likely a weak ball-handler and you should take the opportunity to force a turnover.

3. Maintain Contact in the Post

When you’re defending a post player, never turn your back on him to pick up a cutting player. You should jump out and “hedge” the cutter (ie. stop his cut by putting your body in the way, and prevent him from cutting along the path he wants to go), but keep contact with the post player so you don’t lose him.

4. Never Foul a Jump Shooter

Never give a player a higher percentage shot than the field goal he’s already taking! For example, if a player is taking a tough fade-away shot from behind the backboard, don’t foul him and give him an easy shot (ie. a free throw instead).

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5. Help on Back Screens

Any time the ball goes to the wing and a back screen is set by the center or forward or the point guard, someone must help him out.

6. Only Front the Post When Necessary

If you front the low post or gamble for a steal, the other team will likely get a layup. So make sure it’s worth it and you have a high percentage chance to force a turnover or keep the ball out of their best player’s hands.

7. Jam the Passer

You cannot front a great post-up player unless you also jam the passer. The more pressure there is on the passer, the less chance he has to make an accurate lob pass into the post. If you are fronting the post and don’t jam the passer, a good passer will be able to deliver that lob pass easily, and the post will have an easy layup.

8. Turn the Ballhandler

Whenever possible, make the ball change direction. This tires out ballhandling guards and disrupts the rhythm of their offense.

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