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One of the best ways for any team to create easy baskets is to get out in transition and attack the defense before they have a time to get set, and since the success of the ‘Seven Seconds or Less’ offense of the Steve Nash and Mike D’Antoni Suns, we have seen more and more teams at all levels of basketball adopt this philosophy, or some variation of it.

And while having a secondary or transition offense“  can boost the quality of shot that you get on each transition opportunity, if your players don’t understand the basics of transition basketball – run your lanes and pass the ball ahead – then it won’t matter how great your offense is.

The below drills will help teach those concepts into your players, so that every time a defensive rebound or turnover is created, they’ll know which lanes to get out to run into, where to headman the ball, and how to attack the defense when they’ve got a numbers advantage on the break.

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Transition Basketball Drills

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