Quick hitters – sometimes called “set plays” – are strategically planned and choreographed sequences designed to get open shots and score points for your team.

While these plays are not typically part of your regular half court, continuity-based offense, some coaches prefer using quick hitters that share the same formation and spacing. Others, however, will design and implement set plays that are entirely different from their base offense.

Quick hitters are most often used to exploit a specific matchup where your team has an advantage, after time outs, at the end of games, at the beginning of a game, quarter, or half, or just to change the pace and give your opponent a different look when you really need a basket.

Below is an example of a simple quick hitter than can be used in multiple situations. If you’d like to see more, check out the complete Quick Hitter Offenses playbook.

Back Door Quick Hitter

Start your team in a “4 out 1” in set as shown in the diagram below:

  • 5 (center) is at the top of the key
  • 1 (point guard) and 3 (small forward) are on the wings
  • 4 (power forward) is on the ball side block
  • 2 (shooting guard) is on the ball side baseline

sandhills-quickhitter basketball plays

  1. Player 1 will bring the ball upcourt while your other players get into position, then dribble toward the right baseline.
  2. He then picks up the ball, and passes to the 5-man, who swings it over to the 3-man at the opposite wing.
  3. As this is happening, the 4-man slides over to set a back-screen for the 2-man.
  4. The 2 will use a misdirection step towards the foul line, then cut hard off the screen, shoulder to shoulder, looking for the pass from the 3.
  5. If he is not available on the cut, he can then seal his man on the low block and look to post up.

Quick Note: The baseline cutter doesn’t HAVE to be your 2-man.

Set up the play so that your best screener is at the 4-spot, and your best scorer/finisher is at the 2-spot.

Bonus Tip: If the defender guarding the 4-man switches onto the 2, the 4 should flash to the middle of the key and seal his man for an easy layup.

Pretty cool, right?

The Quick Hitter Offenses playbook is jam-packed with 23 simple set plays just like that… guaranteed to get you tons of easy layups.

Go here to download the full playbook

You can print it out, save it to your computer, or even access it on mobile device and bring it right to practice!