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If you're a youth basketball coach looking for simple solutions to help your kids improve their skills and execute at game-time, you've come to the right place! This site is packed with more than 547 basketball drills, plays and articles for coaching youth basketball. All designed to help you save time, eliminate stress, and win more ball games!

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maravich series basketball dribbling series

Maravich Series

Purpose This drill emphasizes ball handling and dribbling using the figure 8, front flip and spider dribble. How it Works Each player will start with a basketball, which they will start by slapping

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Power Layups

Purpose This drill emphasizes finishing in traffic. How it Works Place a cone on the right lane line, and have the players form a line, with the first two players holding a

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Squaring Up Basketball Footwork Drill

Squaring Up

Purpose This drill focuses on good footwork and 1 on 1 moves to use in the triple threat. How it Works Players form 3 lines on the baseline, each player with a

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Beat the Pro Basketball Shooting Drill

Beat the Pro Drill

Purpose This shooting drill focuses on performing under pressure.  The goal is for the player to beat an imaginary opponent. How it Works Player will start on the court with a basketball.

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Pump Jab and Shoot Triple Threat Basketball Drill

Pump, Jab & Shoot

Purpose This advanced triple threat drill works from a variety of spots on the floor. How it Works Starting on the right wing, pump fake out of the triple threat. Jab step

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North South Dribble Basketball Ballhandling Drill

North/South Dribble

Purpose This is a great ballhandling drill for beginners. How it Works Start with your feet straddled, right foot forward. Dribble ball front to back by your side. Control and dribble the

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Inside Out and Go Basketball Dribbling Drill

Inside, Out & Go

Purpose This is a good intermediate dribble move drill. How it Works Starting a couple feet behind the arc, take a dribble forward with your right hand. Perform an inside out dribble

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elbow layups basketball shooting drill

Elbow Layups

Purpose This is a good intermediate shooting and layup drill. How it Works Begin at the right elbow, holding a basketball. Explode forward, pushing the ball out ahead of you toward the

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Slams and Figure 8s Basketball Cinditioning Drill

Slams and Figure 8s

Purpose This is a good basketball conditioning drill that focuses on total body strength, especially on your core. How it Works Slams – reach up over your body and slam the medicine

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Shot Builder Basketball Shooting Drill

Shot Builder

Purpose This is a great drill that focuses on form shooting. How it Works Have players break off into groups of 3-4, and go stand directly in front of a hoop. With

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Box Out Basketball Drill

Boxout Drill

Purpose This is a great drill that focuses on boxing out and hustling. How it Works Players will spread out, and partner up along the arc – 1 player on offense, 1

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Purpose This is a great drill that focuses on building dribbling stamina and agility. How it Works Players form 3 lines at free throw line extended, coach places 3 corresponding cones at

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Two Ball Around The Leg Basketball Dribbling Drill

Two Ball Around The Leg

Purpose Although it looks like a simple trick, dribbling between your legs can help you keep the ball out of a defender’s grasp. How it Works Start off a couple feet behind

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Crossover Go and Pull Up Basketball Dribbling Drill

Crossover, Go and Pull Up

Purpose This is a great intermediate dribbling drill that focuses on the crossover and rebounding with explosion. How it Works Start off a couple feet behind the arc, and take a dribble

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