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If you're a youth basketball coach looking for simple solutions to help your kids improve their skills and execute at game-time, you've come to the right place! This site is packed with more than 547 basketball drills, plays and articles for coaching youth basketball. All designed to help you save time, eliminate stress, and win more ball games!

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Squaring Up Basketball Footwork Drill

Squaring Up

Purpose This drill focuses on good footwork and 1 on 1 moves to use in the triple threat. How it Works Players form 3 lines on the baseline, each player with a

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Four Ball Partner Exchange

Purpose This is a great dribbling and passing drill that works on the exchange and communicating between exchanges. How it Works Line up 3 to 5 feet from your partner.  Each of

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North South Dribble Basketball Ballhandling Drill

North/South Dribble

Purpose This is a great ballhandling drill for beginners. How it Works Start with your feet straddled, right foot forward. Dribble ball front to back by your side. Control and dribble the

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Up and Under Baseline Basketball Post Drill

Up and Under (Baseline)

Purpose This drill will allow players to experiment with different finished - jump hooks, power layups and finger rolls to name a few. How it Works Start down on the left block,

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Close Out Shooting Drill

Purpose Players work on shooting while under defensive pressure. Drill Setup Split your team into groups of four. One shooter stands at the free throw line. Three defenders stand under the basket.

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Quick Stop Rebounding Drill

Purpose Helps players perfect proper rebounding footwork. Drill Setup Players form two lines – one on each side of the lane. How it Works 1. Coach says, “Ready.” 2. First player in each line gets

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Corkscrew Ballhandling Drill

Purpose This is a great ballhandling drill for beginners. Drill Setup Start holding the ball with two hands at about ankle length How it Works Start wrapping the ball around your ankles, then

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Up and Under (Inside)

Purpose Players learn to perform a proper pump fake on a defender How it Works Start down on the left block, chinning the ball in a low, strong stance. Pivot inside with

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Gravel Drill

Purpose This is a great warm-up drill that also develops the in/out dribble move. Drill Setup Take your stand ready to start dribbling with your right hand. How it Works Dribble the ball

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Figure 8 Basketball Dribbling Drill

Figure 8 Drill

Purpose This intermediate ballhandling drill is one of the most popular dribbling drills taught to youth basketball players. How it Works Start dribbling low down by your left ankle. Dribble the ball

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Cone Dribbling Drill

Purpose In this drill, players dribble as they change speed and direction. Drill Setup Set up 5-10 cones in a line roughly one large stride apart. How it Works Beginning at one end,

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Up and Back Drill

Purpose This is a great drill for practicing to maintain space between your feet while dribbling the ball. How it Works Start in an athletic position, turned sideways with your left forward,

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Two Hand Bounce Catch Drill

Purpose This drill will help with your hand-eye coordination. How it Works Start with the ball in front of you, holding it with two hands. Drop the ball and quickly switch the position of

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Hesitation, Go and Pull Up

Purpose Players work on starting from and pulling up from a variety of spots on the floor in this intermediate dribbling moves drill. How it Works Begin behind the arc, taking a

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