Play Type:“ “  Offensive Play


This offensive play is a great triangle fill option that focuses on playing a two-man game.

Set Up:

  • Set up your 2 guard front with a wing.  Generally, 2 is out front and 4 is out on the corner of the court.

basketball offense triangle


  1. The first thing you want to do is form a triangle on the ball side. We’ve got five on this side and, for us, we wanted to keep her pretty close to the block as much as we can, but if you have somebody that can move around, it’s really pretty good.
  2. You’ve got our best two players on the side of the floor and we want to just play a two-man game.
  3. The player will come right to the point and catch the ball. IF they’re fronting, if you have a mismatch, you want to look to throw it in. While you’re doing that, you’re coming up to the elbow. We want to get outside the lane and be in the free throw area.
  4. Options:“  You can use this as a ball screen. You designate it by people – some players are good at the ball screen, some aren’t.  So the ones that are, allow them to ball screen; the other ones can pass and cut.  And what you do there is simply throw the ball and make a move to get open. If the defense goes behind, you’re going to stop and shoot the offense triangle
  5. The person coming up has to read it and get the feet set, because they’re a screener. On the hand-off, you’re trying to screen as you hand the ball off so the pivot is key here.
  6. If the defense goes behind we want to pivot on our left foot and screen them as we hand the ball back out. So it’s a longer run for them to get out. So catch. Pivot. And flip it out.

Coaching Tips

  • The whole key is reading the defense. The person with the ball has got to see what’s going on. If they’re denied, you want to have an option for that. If the defense is going to go behind, generally teams do the same thing – they go behind screens or they go over the top. So you know pretty much going into the game what you will be dealing with.

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