Play Type:“ “  Shooting & Warm Up Drill


This is a quick training workout that your players can do to get warm and ready for game time or for a great practice.

Set Up

  • Set up 4 players in a line, with the first player holding a basketball and ready to move in to shoot the ball.
  • Put two minutes on the clock. If at any point in time the ball drops in two minutes, you will start over.

tipping drill basketball training workout


  1. To start this tipping drill, your players must call everybody’s name out as they go. And you, the coach, are going to give the different command. You’re going to say “right hand,” “two hands,” “left hand,” etc.
  2. Your players’ job is to keep tipping the ball off the board to each other, calling out his name as you tip it to him.
  3. Players may get behind, or he may trip and stumble, but you’ve got to make sure that you are communicating tipping the ball as well as possible and giving them an opportunity to do it.

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