The purpose of this drill is to teach your players to focus on screening and moving without the ball.  Screens are most effective when the player receiving the screen waits for the screener to set, and then makes a read on their defender on how to best use the screen to get open.

Encourage your defense to make strong denials of entry passes, and the offense to fake high and low to ensure the pass is complete.

Set Up

  • Create a box on one quarter of the court, using cones, or markings on the floor.
  • One ball, with 3 players on offense, and 3 players on defense.
  • Set the offense with one player in the post, one on the wing, and one at the top of the key.



  1. Offensive player makes a pass to either player, while the defense denies the pass.
  2. Once the pass is made, the passer, screens away from the ball for the player on their team.
  3. The player receiving the screen waits, for the screen and makes a hard cut to get open.
  4. If the defense steals the ball, they move to offense.
  5. There are no shots in this drill, count made passes and keep score between the two teams, with the first team to reach 21 made passes the winner.



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