Beginning from a standard 3-2 set, the point guard will initiate this play by taking a couple of dribbles over to either side of the court.

Whichever side the point guard dribbles to initially is the side of the wing player who will be acting as the shooter, receiving three screens: from the strong and weak-side posts, as well as the opposite-side wing player. The posts will set staggered screens, with the weak-side wing coming down as deep as they can to set a third screen of their own.

The point guard will dribble back across to improve their passing angle and hit the shooting guard as they pop out onto the wing. On the pass to the two-guard, the posts will flip around and set staggered screens for the small forward, who will also cut along the baseline and out to the opposite three-point line, looking to catch and shoot.

Our point guard can either set a third screen for the small forward, cut to the free-throw line to get out of the passing lane, or simply swing the ball quickly over to the small forward upon receiving the pass from the shooting guard.