Once again we’ll have an entry from the point guard to the shooting guard, however this time the point guard will fill into the strong side corner, and the center will be the one to come up and set a ball screen.

The shooting guard will use the ball screen, attacking middle, looking to hit the power forward ducking in underneath the hoop, or if that isn’t there, the small forward spotting up on the wing. If he can’t hit the power forward, after passing to the wing the shooting guard will  continue right through to the left corner.

Once the shooting guard has used his ball screen, the center will set a second screen, this time for the point guard, who will raise up to the wing.

Now the power forward will come up to set the ball screen, with the small forward penetrating, and the center executing the duck in.

This is another continuous play, that could theoretically run on an infinite loop – or at least until you get a good shot.