Play Type:“ “  Offense

Set Up:

  • This starts in a 2 guard front with a wing. And generally, 2 is out front and 4 is out on the corner of the basketball court.

basketball offense triangle


  1. Dribble entry into the triangle.  The advantage is if you’re really denied hard, you’re going to have an easier time of feeding the post.
  2. Pass and fill. That’s the first pass. Nothing’s happening yet. The whole offense now is predicated on what happens next.
  3. The first option is the corner pass – throw the ball to the corner.  Look to get a pick and roll in the corner. We want to bring the center out and set a little back screen with a wing.
  4. Next, cut ball side.
  5. You are going all the way to the corner, while you continue to keep looking for the ball.
  6. You can ease into the block a little. And then you’re going to spot up opposite on the line.
  7. Now what we’ve done is gotten a better angle to set the screen in the corner.
  8. Screen in the corner and run pick and roll.  You are trying to come off and drive the lane.

basketball offense triangle

Coaching Tips:

You don’t really take a whole lot of jumpers off this because you’re trying to drive the ball or get the person who’s rolling in.

If you have a team that doesn’t like to guard your big people outside of the lane, use them as screeners. Because there’s no hedge, there’s no help, and you’re going to get a much better shot.


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