I am a [tag]coach[/tag] who takes the term “[tag]student-athlete[/tag]” VERY seriously.  Student BEFORE athlete.  I’ve been known to bench all-stars for poor grades.  [tag]Basketball[/tag] wins are great, but winning in school is“  far more important.  In 20 years my players will be judged on how much they’ve learned in school, not by how many points they scored this season.  Teachers are always impressed at the changes that come about after my players get my “School Talk” (which happens the second practice of EVERY season).  Sit your players down and tell them what you are looking to hear from their teachers.  I’ve been known to show up and spy on my guys in class to see if they are following “the rules”….

“[tag]Basketball Rules[/tag] For Student Athletes”

1) Sit in the front of the class toward the middle

2) Always carry a sharp pencil and notebook at school

3) Take notes!

4) Give the teacher your undivided attention

5) Ask at least 1 question during EACH class

6) Don’t be late for class or practice- EVER

7) Do more than is expected in your school assignments

8) Read for 30 minutes every day

9) Seek help from your teachers when you need it.  If you are struggling in class- TELL ME before it is an emergency!