Barry in the UK came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]agility drills for basketball[/tag].  Keep ‘em coming!Agility Drills for Basketball

I coach junior soccer (we call it football in the U.K!!)as well as [tag]basketball[/tag] and a lot of the [tag]drills[/tag] I do especially on [tag]conditioning[/tag], agility and speed can be adapted to basketball. 
So how about this one?
“ “  This makes sure players can make that vital shot towards the end of the game when they are tired or have run the length of the court several times in quick succession.  Start on the baseline run shuttles to markers (set at distances you see fit) then run to a 5 metre box set out with cones/discs.  The player takes up defensive stance and goes around the box always facing the basket, so from 1st disc side step left to 2nd then shuffle forward to 3rd side ways to 4th until he/she are back at the start.  Then they run to the centre circle pick up a ball and dribble slalom style through cones to the basket for a lay up or jump shot from a specified point. “ 

“ “  They jog back to the beginning to start again. Do as many reps as you decide to replicate game conditions, having to make shots when you are breathing heavy is far harder than just standing on the spot making shot after shot.  To make this drill competitive divide into two teams and see how many shots the teams make in a given time or the first to make ten baskets.