Many of you have asked how I have been making these animated basketball plays using the Basketball Blueprint software.  It’s actually a super-easy 3 step process.

I’ll show you how to create your own animated basketball plays and basketball drills in this video:

It’s a “spy video” which takes
you behind the curtain in the
Basketball Blueprint process.

You’ll learn how to create plays
and share them with your team
in just 3 simple steps.

Also, we have an official date
for the beginning of the Private

*Wednesday, November 8th at 2pm EST*

That’s when you’ll finally be
able to get your own copy of this
easy to use basketball coaching

That’s it for now… stay tuned
later this week for more info.

Talk soon,
Coach Pat

PS – I made this video“ right before taking my
twins out for Halloween.

It literally took me six and
half minutes to design this
fully animated shooting drill.

(including the time it took
to adjust Connor’s Karate

No joke.

This program BLOWS AWAY the other
stuff that’s out on the Web
right now.

(trust me – I own them all…
and have thrown out half of them
because they were impossible to use)

Here’s the link one more time: