Use this inbounds [tag]basketball play[/tag] to free up a player cutting through the lane, ensuer that the inbounder uses ball fakes to create an open passing lane.

-“ Player 3 inbounds the ball from underneath the team’s offensive basket
-“ Players 1-4 form a box around the four corners of the key
-“ Player 4 stands at the ball side block.  Player 5 stands at the weak side block
-“ Player 1 stands at the ball side elbow.  Player 2 stands at the weak side elbow

-“ Player 3 slaps the ball to initiate the play
-“ Player 4 shoots up the lane to set a screen for Player 1.  He sets the screen on an angle, so Player 1 cuts of the screen into the corner
-“ Player 5 waits for Player 4 to set his screen, then shoots up the lane on an angle, setting the screen for Player 4.  This is known as “Screening the Screener”
-“ Player 4 uses the screen to cut through the lane and receive the ball for a layup
-“ Player 2 leaks back out to behind the three point line, acting as a safety release if no one else is open