It’s important for every youth [tag]basketball coach[/tag] to have a library of [tag]basic basketball drills[/tag] he can run to teach the fundamentals of the game.  Below is one of my favorite basic [tag]basketball drills[/tag] to teach shooting, known as the spot [tag]shooting drill[/tag].

Players can practice the spot shooting drill on their own, without a partner, which makes it great for the off-season.

To start out, the player stands 10-15 feet away from the basket (inside his shooting range).  The player then flips the ball out in front of himself, underhanded with some backspin.  He catches his own flip pass, steps into the shot, and releases it.  He then runs and gets his own rebound.

If the shot is not made, the player finishes it with a quick layup.

The player then sprints back out to a different shooting position (staying inside his range), flips the ball out again, catches then shoots.

The player should repeat this for 25 consecutive shots, then take a break.  As he becomes more experienced, he should run this drill for 100 consecutive shots.

Encourage players to stay focused on making as many shots as possible.  For every shot he misses, he should do 2 pushups.  Perform this drill at game speed to get the most benefit.