I received this suggestion on [tag]basic basketball drills[/tag] from Jason in Nokomis IL.

We do a [tag]basketball[/tag] drill in practice that works on chasing down loose balls and then one on one defense. Coach stands in the middle of the floor under the basket, a line of players in each corner of the court. Coach rolls the ball down the court and the players chase after it. The guy who gets it becomes the offensive player, the other guy the defensive player. The offensive player brings the ball back down to the original side of the floor. The defender must keep him from scoring. This works really well on full court man defense, because the defender must guard his man all the way back down the floor. We have found this is a great drill and the players really love it!!“ 

Basic Basketball Drills

Here’s another idea from Gary:

Don’t know if it is new but, I recently saw the 3 man weave with a twist. Instead of the last player taking a shot only, the other 2 players and the first shooter continued to weave from the sides back and forth until all 3 players had shot a lay up. Then they take off weaving to the other basket and do the same until all 3 shot a lay up.  They are done at this point and the next group starts. I’m a coach with limited experience, so, this might be a very common drill, but I had not seen it before.