I like [tag]basic basketball drills and skills[/tag] where everyone on the court has a ball in their hands.  This is a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] you may have heard of called Dribble Chicken:

Dribble Chicken (Ballhandling Drill that works on various dribble moves)

Everyone gets a [tag]basketball[/tag].
Everyone gets a partner of similar skills.
One group lines up on one sideline.
The other group on the other side line so that you use the whole length of the court and each player is facing each other with a ball in their hands.
All players dribble right at their partner and then execute the move and then explode (body to body – don’t collide!) and go to the other sideline where they turn around and do it again.
Make sure you start the ball in the same hand at all times!
Right hand first then left hand on all moves (stutter, inside/out, crossover, etc) going sideline to sideline.

10 minutes of non-stop [tag]basketball skills[/tag]“  for all players!