Here are two [tag]basic basketball drills and skills[/tag] for rebounding. The first one is excellent to use with your youth teams to teach and reinforce rebounding.  The second one can be used with all ages.

Youth Rebounding Drill
I do a [tag]rebounding“  basketball drill[/tag] where I put the kids in groups of 3.  I begin by throwing the [tag]basketball[/tag] off the backboard and then the kids go for the rebound and attempt to score.  This continues until either one kid scores, a held ball occurs or the ball goes out of bounds.  After one of the stated scenarios occurs, I repeat throwing the ball off the backboard.  First person to score 3 baskets win.

This is a useful [tag]basketball drill[/tag] because teaching rebounding and defense to 9 year olds isn’t easy; they all want to shoot the ball.  Incorporating shooting together with rebounding in a mini game serves the kids well; it teaches them rebounding and how to follow up on missed shots.

Rebounding Drill for All
4 players in the bucket(2 off/2 def). I shoot the ball with off hand from the foul line moving side to side.  5 shots and the players switch from offense to defense.  A point system–2 points for an offensive rebound and you get to shoot at the hoop within 2 seconds from wherever you get the ball. “  Defensive players must stand still and can raise their arms straight up.  A hoop counts for another point.  1 point for a defensive rebound.  A pass from me to an offensive player allows them to shoot from that spot for 2 points.

I try to keep the passes to 1 of 5 shots to keep the defensive players honest.