Many coaches struggle with ideas for [tag]basic basketball skills[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag].  Here is one suggestion from Chuck that works well.Basic Basketball Skills

Chaos Rebounding
Place 3 [tag]basketball[/tag] players in the lane, one at each block one directly in front of basket with two or three other players out of bounds behind backboard. (Players can be divided into guard-forward or forward-center groups.)
To start, [tag]coach[/tag] shoots the ball and each player rebounds against the other. Player [tag]rebounding[/tag] will try to score off the rebound while other two defend. The player that scores leaves the floor and new player steps in to continue with drill (meaning the made basket will be played the same as a miss).
The play is non-stop and can be run 5 to 10 min. The only time play is stopped is when the ball is batter outside the lane then the coach will restart with a shot. You will quickly see who is in good condition.