Agility is perhaps the most important trait to the game of [tag]basketball[/tag].  You have to be fast on your feet or else the other team will stomp all over you.  These basketball agility drills will have your players moving quicker and lighter on their feet in no time.Basketball Agility Drills

The first set of [tag]basketball agility drills[/tag] involves what we like to call the Agility Ladder.  Take a regular wooden ladder and lay it down on the court.  Have your players line up at one end of the ladder.  Upon your signal they are to move through each rung of the ladder hopping on their right foot.  Next have them hop through it on their right foot.

Additional variations on this [tag]drill[/tag] include:

– running through the rungs with knees up as high as possible

– running through the rungs stepping with both feet into each rung before proceeding onto the next one

– hopping with both feet through each rung

– going through the ladder sideways with either one or both feet in each rung

Another common series of basketball [tag]agility[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] involves using a jump rope.  This age-old playground method may seem a little outdated at first, but it is a great way to [tag]warm up[/tag] to a workout and to get those toes moving fast.  Try anything from speed jumps, where the players jump as fast as they possibly can, counting until they trip up to running jumps, where they run across the court while jumping over the rope as many times as they can before tripping up.