One area that I often receive requests for are [tag]basketball agility drills[/tag].  Read below for a great suggestion on this topic. You don’t need basketballs for this one!

My [tag]basketball coaching[/tag] submission doesn’t require a [tag]basketball[/tag], but rather racquet or tennis balls for agility and hand eye coordination.Basketball Agility Drills

You start out with the player keeping one ball in play to himself and keep adding balls, its only important that they keep hitting balls and moving: 30 seconds, 1 minute and as they improve you can add players and balls on player can have up to five balls at on time.

The key is a trainer on the court who keeps UN-attacked balls moving so the player keeps moving. max 3 players.  They will learn to move keeping their hands up and plenty of reactionary skills to and off the ball.  Additionally, some of the hardest skills to teach are to use peripheral vision and moving without the ball and keeping the hands up. I believe this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] will greatly help. The trainer should focus on the players being active (eye/hand alert).

The better the player the more balls you can add but not more than five.  Trainers should keep players reacting as players advance you can use as a communication drill with different colored balls and players talking to each other on picking up that raquetball as if it were the opposing player the difference being once you react you recover to a teammate where the ball you just hit is traveling.  The key is to stay active and do not allow low or missed balls be a reason to restart just keep moving.