Lucinda sent in this drill on [tag]basketball ball handling[/tag] that she uses with her team.  Fast-paced with great results!Basketball Ball Handling

From Lucinda…
I call it Ring of Fire Drill
Put one player in a circle of 8-10 players for this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag]–a decent size circle.

Give one player in circle a ball and one player in the ring of 8-10 a ball. The drill starts by the player in middle throwing a ball and at same time the person in the circle of players throws his ball to player in middle.

You go player by player in circle, you throwing and they throw back quickly, the person in middle must maintain a [tag]pivot[/tag] going through all the players playing quick catch and throw maintaining a pivot with no [tag]traveling[/tag]. Be careful at older levels; passes come back so quick to player in middle he can be knocked on his rear or vise versa.

A great drill for passing, pivot, but using peripheral vision. Good Luck Coaches…