I find it is key to work on [tag]basketball ball handling drills[/tag] with all my players but especially the beginners.  Here are two of my favorites;“  the players seem to enjoy them and the skills improve quickly.

1. Place five chairs in a straight line instead of cones.

2. Place a defender in 3 of the Chairs.

3. Players must dribble in and out of the chairs switching hands from right to left ( or vice versa ) protecting the ball by keeping it low to the floor and keeping their body between the defender and the [tag]basketball[/tag].

4. The defender in the chair may reach for the ball, but they must keep their tail in the seat.

5. After the dribbler clears the chairs they should continue to dribble the length of the floor to shoot a proper lay-up or use a jump-stop and shoot a jump shot around the elbow of the foul line.

Another ball handling [tag]basketball drill[/tag] I do with my team is to make them move the ball from one hand to another. I get them to over their heads, between legs, and around their bodies.

The drill is to teach them to control the ball without loosing it.